Sunday, April 11, 2010

A post about Nathan

Today as I was feeding Kayana, Nathan came and snuggled with us.

Nathan: "This is a snuggle line. I snuggle Mom, who snuggles Kayana, who snuggles Mom, who snuggles Kayana..."

Me: "This (pointing at me and Kayana) becomes a snuggle circle."

Nathan: (Pouting) "I'm the line on the Q."

I could not stop laughing, I just thought that you all would enjoy that:)

I don't think that you all really believe me that Nathan is a computer program. Here are a couple of examples.

One day I was getting ready for the day and I said, "Babe, can you get my pants off the bed for me?"
He replied, "Sure."
A few minutes passed so I asked, "Honey where are my pants?"
"On the floor."
"I wanted you to bring them to me."
"You told me to get them off the bed."

Last night we were getting ready for bed. Earlier that day one of us changed Kayana's diaper in our room and left the wipes on the bed. I said, "Will you move the wipes please?"
Later as we were dozing off Nathan moved his feet and I heared crinkling.
"When I said move the wipes I meant for you to move them off the bed."
*Laughing* "I moved them for you though."

I love my wonderful husband. He is so good to me and he can always make me laugh, sometimes without trying to. I am so thankful that I have him.

Friday, April 9, 2010

So I've been slacking

Sorry guys. Kayana is now six months old and rolling around like crazy! She also scoots around on her face. She has her 2 bottom teeth and is getting so big.

I've been in school in the interior design program and it is getting to the end of the term. I love every minute of school and cannot wait to start my career.

Nathan has been working a lot so that I can stay home with Kayana and it has been wonderful to be a stay at home mommy.

I have pictures! Here you go Mom! Love you.

Six Months Old

Look at these closely

I had already put on her pants then had to get the onesie out of my car. I asked Daddy to put on her onesie. He did just that. I sometimes forget that Daddy is like a computer program, he will do exactly what I tell him.

Oh look Kayana is using Mommy's make-up bag as a pillow. So cute right.

Guess again....

She is eating it. It is one of her favorite toys.

And to finish my entry for today the most joyous sound in the world.